Thursday, June 9, 2011

Project Start and Overview

In this blog I will be posting progress updates on my latest science project, which is an investigation into the feasibility of water arc explosions for power generation. The project has two main goals:

a) to reproduce the experimental results obtained by P. Graneau et al. in their research on water arc explosions (i.e. the findings that the kinetic energy of an electrically-induced fog explosion can exceed the electrical input energy)

b) to design and build an apparatus to convert the kinetic energy of such a water arc explosion into useful electrical energy, using either an array of conventional turbo generators or a variant MHD generator.

As of now I am still gathering materials and resources for the experimental apparatus. I will be able to post some design elements of the project (e.g. circuit diagrams) soon.

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  1. Hi some of us are actually dummies when it comes to physics and kinematics and stuff. Though you gave a description of what your project entails, can you also give a brief introduction into what actually water arc is?